Who am I

Renza Bellei yoga teacher

Renza Bellei was born in Modena on 27th October 1974. After having specialised as a fitness teacher, she approached yoga in 1996 when she moved to Sri Lanka. Here she has practiced yoga with great masters for two years. Renza has also given regular yoga classes in Fuerteventura and Hamburg. Following several years of practice with excellent teachers, she has found her spiritual guides in Yogrishi Vishvketu (Master & Cofounder Akhanda Yoga) and Swami Joythimayananda, with whom she organises therapeutic Fasting retreats. After being trained by Wanda Patt, Renza also starts teaching yoga to children.

"Yoga is a life style. It doesn’t start and end on the yoga mat. The journey of discovery to find oneself through practice requires perseverance and dedication and each teacher I met has left me some knowledge that I would like to share with my students"

What is Yoga:

-Yoga is a self-control practice that helps you to achieve harmony with yourself and the world around you.
-Yoga is a technique that allows you to purify your body, senses and mind and therefore to improve your life quality
-Yoga helps you to be optimally strong and healthy, your mind to be clear and calm, your willingness to be strong and your heart to be full of love