hot yoga classes - Rimini

Schilling Gym - Antonio Draghi street, 33, Rimini

Hot yoga is practiced in a room heated to approximateley 38°C allowing a detoxifying effect on your body through sweat. The heat also protects the muscles, increases the heart rate and consequently it improves the functioning of the cardiovascular, digestive, lymphatic skeletal and nervous system. You will sweat a lot, this is why it is essential that you drink plenty of water before and after the yoga class. We advice you to bring a good non-slip yoga mat

Class schedule

Day schedule
Monday 18.30 - 19.45
20.00 - 21.30
Tuesday 13.00 - 14.00
Thursday 13.00 - 14.00
Saturday 9.00 - 10.30
Where is it Schilling Gym: